Close up magic will provide
your party with the PERFECT ice breaker.

The Life Of Your Party

Daniel will approach groups of people, baffle your guests, ensure they're having a great time and leaving them with impossible souveniers that will act as conversation starters for years to come.

Whatever event you're organising, be it a family barbecue or a big birthday celebration, a dinner party or a corporate event, let Daniel help you make sure it's a success.

Get Your Guests Involved

One of the reasons that a magician works so well at parties is because they bridge the gap between all the guests. My performing style is light-hearted though all the illusions I perform are visually stunning and always break the ice ensuring that everybody has a good time.

Magic performed at a party will generate rounds of applause, laughter and a degree of excitement that will spread throughout the room. This great atmosphere will help introduce people to one another, break the ice at tables and ensure that everybody gets into the party mood.